Do you know who I am …..


Posted on 07/29/2022 by The Goomba Gazette



Police group may revoke Paul Pelosi’s membership after reports he flashed membership card during DUI arrest

The California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation is investigating whether Paul Pelosi violated its policy during his DUI arrest in May

It’s usually the assholes and name droppers that uses that line (DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM) when they want to impress someone or get themselves out of a jackpot. 99 9/10% of the time it usually backfires in their face.

If PP Pathetic Pauly was an upstanding citizen, a stellar member of the community and someone worthy of being a member in the Highway Patrol Foundation, he would not have been smashed while he was driving.

Officer, I only had one beer – do know who I am???

PP pathetic Paulie tried to pull use that line when pulled confronted by the arresting cop (do you know who I am) and the cop answer to him should have been, no WTFAY?? He should have told the cop he was Nasty Nan’s old man and the Republican cop may have thrown him directly into the slams.

It must be a bitch having to be so superficial; pretending to be someone you’re not. Phony at it’s finest.


They are so used to putting on the act, they really believe they are special. Possibly they are, some of them even get away with murder.

What a complete whore deal this was – big time payoffs – yet another situation the Kennedys bought their self out of. The collar that Teddy Boy was wearing as a real joke probably conjured up by his ambulance chaser

Settlement Is Reported With Kopechne Parents › 1974/07/12 › archives › settle…

Jul 12, 1974 — MANCHESTER, N. H., July 11 (AP)—The parents of Mary Jo Kopechne and Senator Edward M. Kennedy have reached a financial settlement in the …

Do you know who I am???

Let me AXE a dumb question. Why is it necessary to make a payoff (also called hush money) if there was no wrongdoing???

From my understanding the Kennedy family paid off Mary Jo’s mother and father not to have her body exhumed for examination. What a fool would do for a few bucks.

Do you know who I am???? WTFC!!!

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