Speaks incoherently, reeks from booze = not guilty ….


Posted on 07/29/2022 by The Goomba Gazette



What other plea would we expect Nasty Nan’s old man to enter?? Talk about double standards. Anddddd if you’re worth enough $oldi, it is not necessary court to answer to the charges. That’s why God made ambulance chasers.

Officers allegedly encountered Pelosi sitting in his damaged 2021 Porsche, slurring his speech and with “a strong odor of an alcohol beverage emanating from his breath” after a crash near the intersection of California Route 29 and Oakville Cross Road.

He was arrested following a May 28 crash in Napa County, north of San Francisco, after a DUI test showed he had a blood alcohol content level of .082%. The blood sample was taken about two hours after the collision occurred at 10:17 p.m., the Napa County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement

The legal alcohol 0.08% limit in Calif.. Putting it into perspective, Pelosi smashed his Porsche into another vehicle injuring the driver, tested .082 but pleads not guilty. What am I missing ??

As far as I am concerned, it should be an open and shut case. Naturally it will be settled out of court and the outcome will be stuffed into some hidden file and totally forgotten about.

It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or more (0.04% for commercial vehicle drivers and 0.01% if under 21). Other factors, such as fatigue, medications or food may affect your ability to legally operate a vehicle.

In my opinion; when someone pleads not guilty costing the government hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring the case to trial, and they are found guilty, there should be additional penalties tacked on to cover the court cost.

Let’s face it folks; the average Joe blow does not get the same treatment as the rich and famous. Some of these wealthy clowns keep attorneys on their payroll just to get their ass out of the jam.

Paulie Dude, you are 82 years old and not a kid more. It is time to get off the sauce. Next time you may kill someone.

Ever hear of Heineken 0??

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