Me work – are you F-in nuts



Can this country survive with one less bean counter in its ranks?? I would say absolutely yes. Can this country function properly with one less sanitary engineer (garbage man), hell no.

One of the major problems in this country, a good percent of the pampered population has never had it tough and does not know how to getting down and dirty. I would trade one good, honest, hard working construction any day over 20 Lilly livered bean counters who don’t want to get their fingernails dirty. Who the hell do you think built this country, not an accountant!!

Unless these prima-donnas get control of themselves, it won’t be that far into the future we will not have anyone to collect their garbage. Did anyone ever think they would see the day when businesses are crying for help, paying way over the minimum wage, even paying college tuitions and still can not get help?? They are closing left and right or cannot function at full capacity because they cannot find help.

I absolutely blame the government for creating these anti-work zombies that want to be supported by Uncle Sam. This sad scenario is exactly what that piece of work Kamikaze Joe and his people are all about, turning this country into a socialist nation. Take a look at everything he’s done (and hasn’t done) and then argue my point. Fa-get-about-it

Through the years there have been too many social programs, welfare programs and free handouts for the parasites whose new 4 letter word they despise is WORK. In some cases they can sit home with their thumb up their ass, doing nothing and collect more from the government than if they worked. They are playing into the country’s hands.

As a matter of fact the way I see it, blue collar workers are much more necessary to the function of any society than white collar workers. Without someone doing the manual labor jobs, this world could not survive without them. Because of their ignorance and insatiable desire to take control, the government wants the entire population to be dependent on them. In case you’re wondering what the term for that is called, it is called SOCIALISM.

This is what the progressives have been working on for years, attempting to have every citizen in this country under their complete control.

Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day – give the same man a fishing rod, teach him to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.

Support a parasitic free loading individual all his life and he will suck the system dry. Give that same man a job, educate him, teach him a skill and he will turn out to be a productive citizen.

Unfortunately I don’t see that happening. The government has F-ed the system too much and in too many ways, I think it is way beyond making a reversal.

I don’t know how many people have noticed, the USA is on it’s way out.

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