Ils doivent payer…..

French mayor wants Mont Blanc climbers to pay €15,000 rescue and funeral expenses ….

I say all thrill seekers should have to pay rescue and funeral expenses. Nobody forces the adrenaline junkies after they to climb a mountain or swim to the deepest depths of the ocean. They should know the risks involved and should be responsible for any associated expenses. Why should the taxpayers be subjected to pay for someone else’s entertainment that goes awry??

How much does a rescue mission on Everest cost:

Two of the hiker rescues cost over $100,000 with the most expensive being $123,699 for an unsuccessful search for a lost day hiker. The one climber came in 10th at a cost of $23,264.5 Another factor making climbing rescues less expensive than a search for lost persons is that the climber is usually in a known location.

Just this year alone 200 people have been rescued from Mount Everest. Based on the cost per person, that can add up to a big buck.

Speaking of Big Bucks

Now this is a big buck – what a beauty – it is a shame people are allowed to hunt them. If it was not for the fact that over population is very detrimental, I would say it should be against the law to kill them

Cela devrait être une pratique courante, tous les amateurs de sensations fortes doivent signer une décharge avant d’enfiler leur sac à dos.

C’est la vie

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