You can label it however you wish , BUTT …..

Monkeypox isn’t like HIV, but gay and bisexual men are at risk of unfair stigma

We need to learn the lessons from the HIV/AIDS epidemic and avoid stigmatizing men who have sex with men.

You can label it however you wish, call it anything it whatever suits you, BUTT I will stand behind my opinion, men having sex with men and women with women, it is unnatural.

If it was the fact that Joe and Jack or Jill or Jane were the only inhabitants on the planet, none of us would be here. What can be more convincing than that.

You wanna play (monkey around) you gotta pay.

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COMMON-SENSE is the name of the game Addressing topics other bloggers shy away from. All posts are original. Objective: impartial commentary on news stories, current events, nationally and internationally news told as they should be; SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. No topics are off limits. No party affiliations, no favorites, just a patriotic American trying to make a difference. God Bless America and Semper Fi!
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