Open your back window and allow the thief come in …


Posted on 07/29/2022 by The Goomba Gazette


NOTE LEFT ON THEIR FRONT DOORS FOR THE ILLEGALS BY The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Amigos – I left the back window open so you could come in – my wallets, my credit cards and money are on the dresser in the bedroom – help yourself to all the food in my refrigerator, I just shopped yesterday – for your comfort turn the water heater up a few degrees should you could scrub your dirty ass – feel free to use my bed I just changed the sheets yesterday – if you don’t mind take Fido out to do his business twice a day.

Have you ever in all your life witnessed the stupidity of these people. There must be A special clause in their eligibility regulations that requires city, state and government officials in Calif., to be mentally incompetent (imbecilic level) before they can run for political office. No one in their right mind would ever make such preposterous decisions.

My hope is that all of these crazy decisions backfire directly in their face. I cannot believe that anyone of these PP pathetic politicians ever took a good look at the long range effects their decisions will have on this country. They have more consideration for illegal immigrants than they do for naturalized citizens of this country.

How can something so beautiful from afar be in such turmoil up close??

Folks, we only reap what we sow!!

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