All dummies have someone’s hand up their back controlling what they do or say ….

Karine Jean-Pierre shares spotlight: Press secretary constantly has someone by her side at briefings

The true purpose of press conferences is to keep the country and the world abreast of current affairs, not to lie to people or refuse to answer questions.

I will not single out Jean Pierre as the only flunky that is controlled by a puppeteer. Nearly all of the spokesman for the president’s are instructed to what they say or do and restricted to what they answer.

I cannot see the purpose of any news conference if the actual facts are not being reported. It should be incumbent on whomever is being interviewed, whether it is the president or one of his spokes-dummies to be honest and forthright with the public.

To put it in a nut shell, 95% (or more) of all politicians will only tell the people what you want to hear instead of the truth.

In my opinion, I don’t think K J really had Covid recently. I think that it was a bull-shit story contrived to deflect the inaccurate statement he made about having the Big C. If the guy was not such a pathetic F-in liar, it would be a little easier believe some of what he says.

Save your breath and don’t AXE his spokes dummies any important questions, you will never get a truthful answer.

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