Must have had a severe toothache ….

Wealthy dentist in love triangle denies killing his wife on African safari trip

Wealthy Pittsburgh dentist Lawrence Rudolph is on trial for the fatal shooting of wife Bianca Rudolph

Did the Goode Doctor drill his wife on purpose or accidental

Instead of Mrs. Rudolph being the hunter on her last trip to the wild, she became the hunted, according to authorities.

It seems that the good dentist had a roving eye and got attached to some outside booty/side trim, which authorities say precipitated the doc killing his wife.

Not only did the demise of Mrs Rudolph open the door for doctor Rudolph to pursue his love interest, her death also added a tiny sum to his bank book, to the tune of $4.8 million of life insurance.

But a dimension that added a new light to the mystery; according to the dastardly doctor, he and his wife had an open marriage, so cheating would not necessarily be the factor for him killing her.

I don’t know if I’m a little old fashioned or not, BUTT open marriages never appealed to me. How could some freak be in the same room watching some guy bang his old lady?? Like some smoked out hippie would say; man that is too heavy for me. Takes all kinds.

I can say without question; I will take old school values over the modern day mentality in a heartbeat.

Lawrence Rudolph’s attorney, David Markus, argued in opening statements that his wife accidentally shot herself in the heart at about 5:30 a.m. when she packed the Browning 12-gauge shotgun in a case as she packed for their departure from the hunting lodge.  

Anyone that is familiar with firearms knows it would be extremely difficult for a person regardless of their size to shoot themselves directly in the heart with a 12 gauge shotgun. Pistol yes, shot gun unlikely.

Visualize this scenario. The shotgun that killed Mrs Rudolph had to be cocked, one in the chamber and ready to fire. Why would anyone that was an experienced hunter or otherwise have a shotgun loaded with the hammer cocked that was being packing away??

Rudolph told investigators he heard the shot while he was in the bathroom and believed the shotgun accidentally went off as she was putting it in its case, court documents say. He found her bleeding on the floor of their cabin at Kafue National Park, he says.

Based on all the circumstances, open marriage, big life insurance payout, and mutual agreements between the husband and wife, what would be the point in the doctor killing his wife, except he just wanted her out of the way??

If I had to guess I would say that doctor is as dirty and some of those decayed teeth drills.

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