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Posted on 07/29/2022 by The Goomba Gazette



China expert reveals why Chinese threats to shoot down Pelosi’s plane ‘may not be bluster’
Gordon Chang calls China an ‘extremely dangerous regime’

Although I will say, that would be a step forward for the USA politically, BUTT MAY be a little too extreme.

What can Nasty Nan accomplish by taking a trip to Taiwan that she cannot do over a video conference, accept squander a lot of the taxpayers money and put herself at risk. Door #2 ??????

I think it is going way beyond ridiculous what it has cost the taxpayers for these political grand standards. In this day and age of video conferencing, it cannot be anymore convenient to transact any kind of business in the comfort of your own home or office. The participants can even do their interviews without any skivvies on, keeping their family jewels cooled off while running their mouth, who the hell would know the difference.

NAN; are you listening???

Unlike the cowards who have set in THE BIG CHAIR in recent years; I don’t think Charlie Chan makes too many idle threats.

Does N N feel that this unnecessary trip is with her risking her life?? Never know when you are dealing with this legitimate nut case. She has been known to be unpredictable very consistently.

Who aid I am nuts??? Chi ha detto che sono matto

Possibly she wants to go down in the history books like Joan of Arc and be a heroin, martyr.

Expert on Chinese affairs Gordon CHANGThis very well may not be bluster. It’s inconceivable to us that the PLA – People’s Liberation Army – would shoot down Pelosi’s plane. But you got to remember: At this very instant, there are four Chinese warships in Japanese territorial water in the Senkakus in the East China Sea. There are Chinese troops deep into Indian-controlled territory in Ladakh, in the Himalayas. A few weeks ago, the Chinese provoked a crisis in the South China Sea with the Philippines. China is lashing out. It might be Taiwan, but it might be someplace else. This is an extremely dangerous regime at this moment. 

This whole world is sitting on a powder keg just waiting to go off. This is not the time for some foolish, dim witted airhead to take such a risky position, all for no useful cause.

A word to the wise should be sufficient – I did specifically say wise

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