Check to see if KJ has come down with a severe fever …

Biden admin quietly approves construction of U.S.-Mexico border wall near Yuma, Arizona

Joe Biden previously admonished Donald Trump over the wall and his immigration policies


Has K J finally come to his senses – has he now awoken from a deep sleep – did he trip over his dog when he was going to the head to take a whiz and bang his head during the middle of the night – has he had an epiphany or is he seeing the errors of his ways??

Lots of ?????? One thing you can take to the bank; Kamikaze will never admit he was wrong.

Whatever the case may be, I hope he stays on the roll.

Do we wanna call it too little too late?? A little something is better than nothing, BUTT this fool has caused so much damage in a short amount of time it will be next to impossible to recover from his unexplainable blunders.

At this point it may be unfeasible to calculate the suffering and monetary damage this man has created since he has been in office. How the hell do we make someone like Kamikaze Joe accountable for their criminal activities. Take a good look at them, his activities absolutely are criminal. He has caused hundreds, if not thousands of deaths, pain and suffering, and cost the country billions of dollars. Tell me those are not criminal offenses

All of the deplorable conditions we are experiencing today could have been avoided if KJ and his socio/commie constituents didn’t have such a big hard on for PDT and caused irreparable damage with their hasty decisions by playing GET BACK.

I hope KJ trips over his dog again, bangs his head a few hundred more times and has many more apparitions of his stupidity.

AGAIN: One thing you can take to the bank; Kamikaze will never admit he was wrong.

Can we ever hope for K J to do a Brenda Lee??

Not on your life.

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