Come me on folks, GOTTA be the $oldi ……

Billy Joel Opened Up About Marrying A Woman 33 Years His Junior And Fatherhood After The Age 60

Just take a good look at the young, gorgeous, blond haired beauty and then look at the bald, gray bearded, shorter old man and tell me it is love. GMAFB.

The Ivory key banging stud said I DO 4 times so far. If I had to guess, it will not be the last time, that is if that OLD TICKER (HEART) of his can keep up with the stress of a young chick who want to roll in the hay loft more than he does.

It really does not surprise me that these old jocks are drawn to these young women later on in life. Most of them very wealthy.  What does surprise me, in their old twisted brain (dementia) they think it is all about them, their good looks and not the money tat attacks these young beauties.

One of the most unlikely couples is Wineburger and his young bride. If there ever was a good Poster child for the beauty and the beast,  it is they. HORNY HARV is just another delusional fool that thought it was about his charm that attracted this lady.


Harvey; you know I love you and I did not marry you for your money. I married you for your grotesque hygiene habits and because you are a degenerate misogynist Son of a a bitch.

New Book Claims Harvey Weinstein Had Bad Hygiene and … › News

A forthcoming new book about disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein details his bad hygiene and ‘deformed’ genitalia.

So tell me folks, using good old common sense, WTF do the gold digging broads see in them if it is not the money?

The piano man might even have his eye on number 5 already!!

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