Naysayers are absolute fools ….

Eight years? Nine years? Six years ago? A climate change activist guide to doomsday

The end is going to come soon, unless it doesn’t

Climate activists embrace extreme tactics, violence as deadline to ‘save the planet’ draws near

Climate activist Fred Ward says more direct climate actions will happen if ‘there’s political gridlock and all the ordinary processes aren’t working’

If what Mother Nature is throwing at us in the last few years in the way of natural disasters is not an absolute indicator of what direction the world is headed in because of deliberate negligence, nothing else is.

The handwriting is on the wall, we can now see the forest on account of the trees, it is plain as the nose on our face, mankind is in deep shit and up to it’s neck in an alligator pit.

When any event/situation/condition occurs accidentally, there is not much that can be said about it, except it was not intentional. On the other side of the coin, when the same circumstances surface that could have been avoided if it were not for $$$$ – greed – control – power and negligence; who does mankind have to blame but itself.

Human nature this is a very funny thing. There were very few people of authority on this planet that are totally legitimate, considering that prestige, power and control does not dominate their life. No one wants to be the first to cooperate in resolving very critical issues. They feel it is a sign of weakness.

If all of the leaders of the world’s nations would have put their heads together 20 years ago to avoid global warming, we would not be in the dangerous horrible conditions we are today.

Does everybody know what a tipping point is?? If not, here is a visual .


I will refer to our current snowball condition as (way past resolution) because pf the lack of cooperation between the BIG BOYS, we have essentially slit our own throat and cannot stop the bleeding.

The money hungry, self-centered, ego maniacs, power brokers that control the world are the absolute cause for the condition of our planet is currently in. Who else can we put the blame on except the leaders of the world.

As much as I admire MANY of the things that Donald Trump accomplished while in office; one of the issues he was hung up on, he did not believe in global warming. Anybody, anybody, that will not acknowledge mankind’s contribution to global warming is an absolute fool. I will agree that it is cyclical, but I will not agree that we did not contribute substantially to it.

After viewing these pictures only an impostor could deny the facts

I don’t have a particular date in mind or timeline, I absolutely believe not too far down the road Mother Nature going to come crashing down on us. I think she is well on her way with her vengeances.

Ask some of the people in the red zone what they believe in. Not a bad time should be living in Alaska.

Folks, I am not a fanatical doomsday bleeding heart, just someone that pays attention to what’s going on around me and the rest of the world.

It is very sad to say, between the out of control judicial system, law and order, global warming, dishonest and severely incompetent politicians, sexual deviate degenerates, violence in the streets, doomsday wars possibly with our enemies, mankind not respecting one another, there is not much good news to write home to Mama about.

I think most people have their heads in the sand and do not want own up to the fact that mankind isn’t a severe jackpot and is most probably on the way out.

This is a very tough pill to swallow, especially when we had ample notice and could have absolutely avoided this tragic impending consequences, If it were not for deliberate actions of all the money mongers and the war mongers in this world who run the show, we would be able to breathe a lot easier.

We only get out of life put into it.

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