The necessity for civilian for firepower …..

Indiana shopping mall shooter shot dead by armed ‘good Samaritan,’ police say

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene

Greenwood Chief James Ison said “a good Samaritan with a handgun” at the scene killed the shooter. He said two others were wounded and are being treated in area hospitals. 

Let us take a survey from the survivors of the shooting and ask them how they felt having an armed civilian save their lives.

The second opinion I would like to get would be from the fools that oppose conceal and carry. How would they feel if they were one to be survivors of the attack because of a stand up sharp shooting citizen, with a great aim that was packing.

I will stand by my opinion; every mentally competent and weapon trained citizen in the United States should carry a gun for protection. I will guarantee, the man who makes the body bags will surely see down turn in his sales.

Is it a shame that our country has regressed to this necessity of this lifestyle for survival?? Absolutely yes. If we do not protect ourselves who was going to do it for us??The same idiots that are trying to abolish the Police Departments are the same fools that are against everyone arming themselves. It is all part of the big plan folks!!

People – people – people, get out there, get trained by a competent instructor and start packing. What we are seeing these days is just a small preview of what is down the deadly road of life. Remember; you do have alternatives!!


I hope the per$on that $aved the day get$ the public recognition they de$erve and the key$ to the city.

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