How should anyone remain free of prejudice …..

Police are looking for three suspects accused of beating a woman on public transport in what is being described as a racially-motivated attack.

New York City investigators say the three suspects, all women, got into an argument with a 57-year-old MTA bus passenger. 

The interaction escalated, and the three suspects allegedly began hitting the unnamed victim over the head with an unidentified object.

How can any remain free of prejudice when incidents like this occur on a daily basis?? I think there is a misconception out there that racism is a one way street. In my opinion there’s more prejudice in the black community than there is in the white.

The assailants reportedly made aggressive racial remarks to the victim, and said that they “hate white people” and “hate the way they talk.”

If we take an honest look at the conditions; it seems to me black people have a license to say and do what they want as far as racism goes. If the whites did and said the same thing only in reverse , we would have a bunch of cars burning in the street.

If anyone want equality, they should behave like it.

I heard one of the black leaders tell a new reporter; the black community did not want equality, they are looking for total dominance.

That’s a great way to make friends influence people.

As long as we have animals both sides of the fence behaving irrational and breaking the law, there will never be peace between the races.

How are the white community supposed to react when they see incidents like this???

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