No end to the fools stupidity and arrogance …..

Biden’s ‘shameful’ fist-bump with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman shocks Twitter, Washington Post CEO

‘The fist bump between President Biden and Mohammed bin Salman was worse than a handshake,’

The fool Kamikaze Joe want to visit Saudi Arabia to beg for oil because of his ignorance of putting the United States in a monumental predicament, he should have displayed a little more humility but like the punk kid and a Scranton PA playground, instead of shaking hands the way real men do, he further insulted his host by bumped fist with him.

If I were the Prince, I would have turned my back on him and left him standing there like the fool he is.

In order to keep his ego pumped up, he not only makes a fool out of himself at every turn, he also jeopardizes peace and good relations between the nations that we are dealing with.

Because of arrogant bastards like KJ and their mismanagement, the USA is not the powerhouse it used to be. A fact that our officials are finding it hard to SWOLLOW.

The best I could say about Kamikaze Joe, he has to be one of the most egotistical and ignorant people on this planet, always putting himself before the betterment of our country.

A wise person does not visit somebody on their own home turf and deliberately insult them in front of the whole world, especially when their relationship is teetering to start with. I did say a wise person.

I always knew that the man was a first class buffoon, but actions like this solidifies it and chisel it in stone forever.

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