Talk about absolute, over the top psychotic individuals ….

Climate activists expand tire-slashing operation beyond NYC. Here are the cities they’ve hit

‘It can happen anywhere, anytime,’ a spokesperson for the group tells Fox News Digital

Just a bunch of very sick in the head Limey bastards with too much time on our hands. They cannot find anything across the pond to dig their dirty hands into, so they are infiltrating The United States and started slashing tires of people owning SUV, claiming the vehicles are a hazard to the climate. Their mother was a hazard to society when she gave birth to them.

The U.K. climate group whose members deflated tires on an estimated 40 vehicles in New York City last month recently announced similar actions in cities nationwide.

The Tyre Extinguishers, which encourages activists to deflate tires of parked sports utility vehicles (SUV) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, said it has already spread to Chicago and the San Francisco area this month. Individuals affiliated with the group have deflated the tires of 20 SUVs in Chicago, another 20 SUVs in Scranton, Pa., and 12 SUVs near San Francisco this month, according to the group.

[2.] This conventional formulation, though, omits an important limitation: In basically all states, you can use nondeadly force to defend your property—and if the thief or vandal responds by threatening you with death or great bodily harm, you can then protect yourself with deadly force. So in practice, you can use deadly force to protect property after all, if you’re willing to use nondeadly force first and expose yourself to increased risk.

It is shameful a person cannot use deadly force in the protection of their property. It seems to me there are more laws on the books defending the criminals then there are protecting the victims. What the hell is supposed to be the deterrent if criminals have little to no consequences??

In article (2) I didn’t see anything written that prohibits a good ass whipping with a ball bat. Possibly that would be the most efficient way to teach these vandals a lesson.

If and when these Limey bums are apprehended, they should be immediately deported, passports taken away, and never allowed to return to this country again.

Let Lizzie deal with their kind.

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