Worth repeating ……

These Biden voters regret their 2020 choice 18 months into presidency

Three 2020 voters, citing inflation woe, racial pandering, Marxism, say they regret backing Biden

I hate to be redundant, but this is worth repeating over and over.

Quoting Car-mella:

Kamala Harris blasted for claiming ‘voters got what they asked …

https://www.foxnews.com › media › kamala-harris-blasted…

Mar 1, 2022 — Vice President Kamala Harris was blasted by critics Monday for claiming during a speech at the White House that American voters “got what …

Probably the only truthful statement this lady has made since she’s been in office; the voters got what they asked for.

When a guy goes out buys a cheap suit and the arm falls off, who should he blame but himself. When he marries an ugly woman and has ugly kids, who should he blame but himself.

So once again I say; Car-mella was right. The fools in this country voted in a scumbag anti-American who promised he was going to straighten out the entire country. What the foolish voters neglected to see, Kamikaze Joe, because of his 50 plus years in political office, was one of the people who created all the predicaments the country is in. The voters got what they asked for.

It is understandable and possibly acceptable; if a condition was done good intentions and backfires unintentionally, you possibly could say it was done accidentally and continue to March on. But when these same conditions are done with malice and deliberately and backfire, there is absolutely no room for absolution.

95% of the decisions Kamikaze Joe immediately after being sworn were done were with malice and deliberately all with the the intent to get back at Donald Trump.

OK; I get it, there may be a lot of legitimate reasons that people do not like Trump. But taking an honest, unbiased looking at what the conditions are today compared to when he was in office, only a total hypocrite in complete denial can claim that the country was far better off now then when Trump was sitting in the big chair.

The voters got what they AXED for. The major problem is; the guy can probably take the suit back to the store where we bought it complaining it being poor quality and getting a refund. In this case there is no refund and we are stuck with this S S (social-slug) for two more years plus.

The voters got what they AXED for.

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