Just another nail in the dead man’s coffin …

Army cuts pay, benefits from more than 60,000 unvaccinated National Guard, Reserves

Army pledges to keep encouraging service members to get the vaccine


If push comes to shove. the Army will discharge the peole that refuse to get the Covid shots. This over the top action will certainly put a major crimp into the already weakening military forces of the USA.

Take a good look at the conditions this country is up against. Defund or completely eliminate police departments, now possibly discharging over 60,000 military people because they refuse to get the cover shot. What the hell will they come up with next.

Personally I think everyone should get in line and get at least the first three shots just for the health, welfare and protection of their fellow men. BUT on the other side of the coin I am not positive if it has ever been proven that these shots are 100% effective.

There has been so much information circulating around that the masks are absolutely worthless in protecting the masses and similar conversation about the effectiveness of the shots.

If nothing else, I would recommend that special units of military people who have not received the shots be initiated/organized so that large numbers of people would not be lost in the event they are needed.

At the rate the United States is going; we are going to be more susceptible to our enemies abroad as well as homeland criminals. I think this is just one other indicator of where the USA is headed, down the tubes.

Folks; we are falling apart at the seams at every front and our leaders have no idea how to put it back together. Cold hard facts.

Why is it that a nobody like me can come up with the suggestion of forming special units for the unvaccinated troops and the big wigs can’t?? They had it too good too long.

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