And they do it with a straight face….

Karine Jean-Pierre blasted for boasting US ‘stronger economically’ than ever ‘in history:’ ‘Pure gaslighting’

I would like to label information like this a deliberate bullshit. Go to wonder where she got that cheap weed she is smoking.

What world are these people living in. They are like the guy whose old lady is cheating on him, but he is the only one that doesn’t know it, or too stupid to admit it.

They sure know hw to pick them.

Token people like Pierre are handpicked and are thoroughly instructed on what to say and how to say long before they ever reach the microphone.

The strongest economy in history?? AYSM!!! Not even close, absolutely delusional. Take a look at the shortage of food, prices at the pumps, unemployment and so many other factors that shows the economy is in a piss poor condition. Yet the present administration will grandstand and deliberately lie about the stability of the USA.

If lying and bullshit were electricity, Kamikaze Joe’s administration could power the entire United States. In all my life I have never seen such blatant and deliberate deceit.

Way back when I was young, foolish and trusting, it took me sometime to be able to grasp and understand exactly how corrupt politics is. In my opinion it is the most corrupt and dishonest occupation on the planet. The entire format/game plan in politics is to lie, cheat, steal and to tell the people exactly what they want to hear.

I will continue to say, the people that write the laws are the laws greatest offenders. The lawmakers are the biggest law breakers.

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