Yet another tragedy by some psycho looking bastard ..

Take a look at this mentally deranged individual and tell me that just by his appearance he should not be kept under surveillance. There is maniac written all over his face.

I know it is impossible task to keep an eye on every creep that looks like this guy. At least the authorities should have the green light to detain people like him for phycological evaluations. On the other side of the coin, if the authorities start detaining every one who looks like him, their numbers will be in the millions.

Let’s face it; we are our own worst enemies by allowing conditions in this country to spiral out of control as they have. It has reached a level that I am sad to say is probably beyond reversal. The best thing we can do now is try to keep the lid on the violence and not let it fester anymore.

BUTT – it is always BUTT. With the confounded progressive leaders we have in some of the cities, and federal government, the American people are between a rock and a hard place. They want to curtail the violence, yet they want to defund or disband the police departments. You tell me where the common sense in the logic is. There is none.

There is no way any society can exist safely and healthy without discipline rules and regulations. Defunding or disbanding the cops is not the answer. Even as flaky and illogical as Kamikaze Joe is, he said we need more cops not less.

Biden calls on states to ‘fund the police,’ mental health … – CNBC › 2022/05/13 › biden-tells-states…

This is the first common sense thing I’ve ever heard a guy say. He probably is plagiarizing me.

My heart goes out victims of these tragedies that could have been avoided if our government leaders did not fall into the trap of being politically correct. Political correctness definitely has its place in society, but not when we are handcuffing our GOOD peace officers and not allowing them to do their job.

If left unattended, does anyone but me see the downside in the eventual tragic ending in all of this permissiveness and unchecked lawlessness. It is virtually impossible to maintain law and order when criminals know there are no consequences for their actions. Society is allowing them to run rampant as they are. If and when they are arrested, they are escorted in the front door and two hours later set free to walk out the back door and reoffend immediately. This method of law enforcement would not even make sense to a complete idiot.

I have been preaching this for years; if we want to turn the out of control lawlessness around it is necessary grab the bull by the horns, use every weapon at our disposal and do whatever is necessary to recover a stable society or STFU and continue to get gobbled up by the criminals.

Again and again I say; gotta speak these people with the language they understand. It is not, excuse me, thank you or please!!

I will stand by my statement that the authorities that have allowed this lawlessness by their pathetic decision making; the blood of all these victims are on their hands.

Do whatever is necessary to recover long order or STFU and continue to get gobbled up by the criminals. The United States is in a war with an enemy from within, on its home turf and cannot even keep it under control. As we can see by the existing conditions, all the lip service, meetings and lectures by government authorities has gone absolutely nowhere. Decisive action is the only answer. Do whatever is necessary to recover long order or STFU.

Is it is extremely sad to see all the innocent people that are victims of the incompetence of our lawmakers. While they sit on top of nob hill tucked away in their safe little castles, the peons below are getting slaughtered left and right. Let me run something by these fools; criminals know how to climb hills. Sooner or later, don’t think you will not be subjected the same violence the little people are experiencing. Your ignorance is staggering!!

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