The wisdom of Car-mella …..

West Hollywood votes to cut Los Angeles County sheriff funding amid crime wave


Little did Carmelo know that she would be so prolific in some new areas, naturally unintentional.

Kamala Harris blasted for claiming ‘voters got what they asked … › media › kamala-harris-blasted…

Mar 1, 2022 — Vice President Kamala Harris was blasted by critics for claiming American voters got what they asked for” when they elected her and …

That ridiculous statement (admission of incompetence, and narcissism) would come into play more times than she ever realized.

I like to use hypotheticals in some situations, stretching the limits of my imagination trying to see the other person’s viewpoint. NOWWWWWWWWWW if the crime rate was down in that area, I MAY see their logic and possible common sense where citizens would be wanting to reduce the police force because of the lack of crime. BUTTTTTT the fact of the matter is, crime is up 137%, where is logic, where is their common sense connected with this insanity.

I hear from one of my most reliable sources, the next thing the rocket scientists are going to vote into law, locks of any kind on doors windows will be strictly prohibited. The fools are giving the thieves the keys to the city and a license to commit crimes; why go only part way??

If they move forward with their proposal, we can score another one for Car-mella; you got what you asked for.

There does not seem to be an end the ignorance of some people.

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