His mouth is his worst enemy…….

Bill Maher: Trump could win 2024 ‘so easy’ if he’d ‘just let go’ of 2020

If The Donald would only go to his local mechanical shop and get his mouth fine tuned, it would improve his chances of winning 2024 immensely.

As strange as it seems, this supposedly intelligence man (depends on who you ask) cannot see the forest some kind of trees, does not have sense enough to come out of the rain and open his eyes to the fact he is his own worst enemy.

He has no filter between his ear ad mouth; whatever comes into his ears automatically comes out of his mouth with no hesitation or forethought. PDT has shot himself in the foot so many times he has a hard time finding shoes that will fit him.

If a smart person continues to see he is barking up the wrong tree, I would think sooner or later they would realize they better make some changes or accept the fact that they are a loser.

Once again quoting Doctor Phil: Mr Trump, how is what you are doing working out for you so far??

If Trump was honest with himself to see the error of his ways, his sailing would go a lot smoother.

Billy Boy Maher said; “Real Time” host Bill Maher conceded that former President Donald Trump could win back the White House in 2024 if he wasn’t so fixated on the 2020 election.

Trump cannot accept the fact that he is not sitting in the big chair, either legally or illegally. He has to acknowledge that fact in order to get over the hump. Like so many other negativities in his life, he has an extremely difficult time accepting defeat or being said NO to.

In essence we can look at him as spoiled brat that will continue to throw temper tantrums because he’s not getting his way. Gotta shake it off Donny. You can not change history; accept the facts, regroup and march forward, quit looking in the rear view mirror. recognize and use your mistakes as an example of what not to do again. That is what a smart person would do.

In a short amount of time, Trump did more for country and the world than 95% of the people that came before him. His greatest achievement (operations Warp Speed) was shooting down Mr Covid as fast as he did. Buttttt, needless to say, in true form, the scumbag Kamikaze Joe would not give him the credit for what he deserved.

Regardless of his motives (ego being # 1) no one can deny is a solid patriot. He did not take a paycheck for four years, he put his personal ass and financial status on the line that both took a beating, to do what he thought was right for ALL Americans.

Does he have some hang ups?? Absolutely. How many presidents that came before him had a worse track record than him BUTT are still glorified by the public. If you take the time to read JFK’s history, there was no way that man should ever have been elected, etc, etc etc. How about Wild Bill – Nixon – LBJ and the rest??

All I cared about with Donald Trump, he kept America safe, did not let the dick-tators of this world shit in the USA, always had the American peoples welfare in his forefront, did what he promised unlike this stumblebum we have in office today. Anyone who can tell me with a straight face our country is better off with Kamikaze Joe at the helm , has to be a certified imbecile.

Donny my lad: if you have any aspirations of getting reelected, read this post thoroughly and take my very simple advice. Think before you speak, digest what you hear before you answer. Do not be ashamed to say; I don’t know, I will get back to you.

Once again: how is what you are doing working out for you so far??

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