Kamikaze Joe needs a wheel chair and cue cards…..

I don’t know about anyone else, I find it very difficult to believe what anyone says that has to rely on cue cards to get their message across. Can we call it staged, contrived and rehearsed?? I would say so.

A good orator, politician or otherwise, should be able to shoot from the hip and speak from the heart in order to get their message across. What does that tell us about Kamikaze Joe, except that he is washed up, finished and requires artificial help in order to function. It’s a good thing he is not asked his name and address, he might need help with that as well.

Kamikaze Joe has become so senile he forgot his bosses, the guys who pull his strings, told him never let the public know he uses cue cards.

#GMAFB; this guy is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Come Onnnnnnnn. I would feel a lot safer in the hands of Popeye the Sailor Man with him sitting in the big chair.

Kamikaze, which one is your wife and which one is your sister??

Joe Biden appears to confuse his wife and sister at … – YouTube

https://www.youtube.com › watch

And they say he does not have a problem. AYSM???? Can he blame this one on Putin as well??


When Joe Biden walks on stage to address his supporters, he seems to confuse his wife and sister and explains to the crowd

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