No other name for them them despicable animals ….

2 ex-Mizzou fraternity brothers charged with felonies after hazing incident left pledge blind, paralyzed

Mizzou freshman Daniel Santulli was left blind and unable to speak or walk after the hazing incident

What a price to pay for acceptance. Blind and paralyzed????

“It’s the worst fraternity hazing injury ever in the United States,” Santulli family attorney, David Bianchi, told the newspaper. “We’ve been doing these cases for 30 years. I know the landscape of hazing. I know the defense lawyers who defend the fraternities. And everyone agrees this is the worst ever.”

The lawsuit says on the night of Oct. 19, 2021, Santulli reported to the fraternity house for so-called “Pledge Dad Reveal Night,” after spending weeks sleep-deprived and stressed over the rushing process, in which he has been “repeatedly ordered to clean the brothers’ rooms and bring food, alcohol and marijuana to them at all hours of the night.” He also was instructed to climb into a trash can with broken glass inside, leaving him with a bad cut on his foot that required stitches and left him using crutches. 

This handsome young man had his life completely destroyed forever just because he wanted to feel accepted and become part of a fraternity.

How many times this happened?? People send their kid off to school assuming they’re going be safe and sound, only to have then severely abused, in some cases killed all because they wanted to be part of the group.

The same goes for the degenerates that conjure up torturous activities such as this because they want to have a sense of power and control over their underlings. Their parents also spend big bucks tempting to get their kids educated. Not all, but in too many circumstances the brats get a little freedom, and piss away their parents hard earned money partying for four years plus.

It’s even crazy to think the someone is mentally deranged enough they can conjure up an initiation where someone to be stuffed into a garbage can full of broken glass, plus – plus – plus.

The fault lies in multiple areas. First the colleges that allow this manner of misconduct. Like just about everything else in life, it all revolves around the big buck$. Too strict, poor enrollment.

Next; blame the parents that do not take disciplinary action against their brats if they know these conditions exist and do nothing about it. First sign, a bad report card would constitute enough grounds to remove of the kid from college permanently. Let them go hang on the back of a garbage truck.

There are too many spineless parents who spend their whole life repeating hundreds of thousands times ( I am warning you – I am warning you – I am warning you); BUTT never pulling the trigger. If it wasn’t so ridiculous, it would be laughable.

Last but not least are the brats who conduct these types of sick and morbid initiations.

SOLUTION: Starting with, cutting out booze and drugs on campus. Having their facilities vetted to the max on a monthly basis by competent, responsible people. Their activities must be controlled. We see what the result is giving them to much freedom.

Like so many other things in life, it is too bad that so many have to suffer because of so few.

There is a gigantic movement happening in this country to defund or disband cops for inappropriate activity because of a few bad apples, why should this not follow suit.

Having just one kid killed or injured for such a nonsense is unacceptable. Scrutiny to the Max would be appropriate. No three strikes and you’re out. First offense would constitute permanent disbandment.

Most of the time there are solutions to problems if people would take a hardline and inconvenience themselves.

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