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NATO leader says Ukraine war against Russia could last for ‘years’:

It always amazed me and amused me how some extremely newsworthy situations that have consume the news media; before too long become backpage news. Is it a case of out of sight out of mind or has it lost its importance to the news media??

Be that as it may; the war in the Ukraine is just as important today as it was when it started, but we rarely hear of it.

Russia’s war in Ukraine could go on for “years” and the effort requires Western support, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview published Sunday by the German publication Bild.

It is a sad situation all the way around; starting with the death and destruction of the Ukrainian people, their country and the financial burden the war is putting on all the other countries that are supporting it’s worthy cause.

When I was young, foolish and uninformed, I used to think that there was the solution to every problem in the world. But the older I got I found out that there are impossible conditions people get themselves into that are irreversible and have no solution.

One thing I do know for sure; the way the world is spinning out of control as we see it now, there are circumstances that mankind has got itself into, starting with the abuse of Mother Nature. We are bound and determined to destroy ourselves by some of the irresponsible conditions we create. Mankind because of its greed and insatiable appetite for power has no one to blame for these conditions bt themselves. That is unless your name happens to be Kamikaze Joe, then you blame everybody else in the world for your mistakes, everybody but himself.

Possibly if the imbecile K J got his head out if his ass and admitted there are severe problem caused by him plaguing this country, there might be a slim chance of resolution.

Fact of the matter is, K J is a stark raving lunatic or in complete denial. Possible both. It is beyond words how this nitwit cannot see the forest and kind of the trees!!

I saw him the other day on the Tele screaming; he is tired of all the accusations and lies involving his administration.

Academy Award performance

He is either so delusional or pathetic, he does not see reality, most probably doesn’t want to. I still say all of these monumental problems we are having, initiated by KJ are all part of the big scheme to take the country down.

There is absolutely no way any changes or improvements can be made if the responsible parties (regardless of what the circumstances) do not acknowledge them and take the necessary steps to correct them.

I cannot say with any certainty what is going to be our Waterloo first; either by our own hand in destroying Mother Nature, or some enraged/ psychotic bastard that hits the red button. Either way, as I see it, we are just hanging on by a shoelace.


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