Help from a good slicer and dicer doesn’t hurt ….

‘Three’s Company’ star Suzanne Somers on how she’s staying healthy at age 75: ‘You have to be vigilant’

The old girl still looks great @ 75. She is absolutely right, a person must be vigilant, stay active, exercise regularly, recognize potential health problems and nip them in the bud.

Too many people ignore the signs that Mother Nature is sending them and let their symptoms get out of hand.

For the people that can afford it, having a good slicer nd dicer is a leg up on staying and looking fit.

Although Suzanne looks great, it would be hard to believe Mother Nature didn’t get a helping hand.

Suzanne claims she and her hobby have sex three times every day before noon. This guy must be a hell of a stud.


If that is a fact. which I find hard to believe, I would have to bet Alan getting some help from the blue pill, and keeping Viagra’s stock prices up there. Get that booty once a day maybe possible, but three times a day, very day that is a stretch. She probably wants to keep him wore out so he does not go tiptoeing through the tulips.

The loving couple in 1978.

The two Horney toads probably laid some pipe in the back seat of the limo. Why not??

Whatever the case may be, whatever help Suzy is getting, she looks very good for her age. Gotta be all the TRIM.

Keep it going Suzy.

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