Can not deny the truth; K J is low down #%*$@!$&* …

I probably would get arrested if I said what I really felt.

Biden gets testy, falsely claims inflation in ‘every other major industrialized country’ higher than US

President Biden said the US was in relatively good standing to overcome inflation

Any prick they could stand in front of a camera, look directly into it like the way this snake does, has to be labeled as an evil, no good son of a bitch.

Really; what more can I say about the bastard??? He is evil through and through. He is destroying this country and lying like a dog, blaming everybody but himself.

One thing we will have to give K J credit for; he is one of the best do you ever come down the Pike as pathetic fuckin liar.

Marc Short, Chief of Staff to former Vice President Mike Pence, told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo that Biden is pointing fingers at a situation he helped create.

“President Joe Biden is an arsonist who, in this letter, is pretending to be a firefighter,” Short said on “Mornings with Maria” Wednesday, adding that the president’s policies “were the ones that struck a match that set gas prices on fire.”

Short accused Biden of setting up an “incredibly disingenuous campaign” against American companies so he can “shift blame” to them, and added that, while oil companies are making record profits with high gas prices, the Biden administration is preventing these companies from having any capital expenditures into new production.

Most disturbing part of this entire scenario; there does not seem to be a way for any person to stop this runaway train. The fuckin guy is a human Wrecking Ball, or should I say subhuman.

If anyone believe that all of this disruption and chaos ever since Kamikaze Joe has been elected has not been in the works for years, part of the big picture, part of an overall scheme to take over this country; don’t forget about all of the prime swampland I have for sale.

Get them while the last – Kamikaze Joe just snap up about 100,000 acres

How could have anyone conceive that the once most powerful United States of America would be in dire straits as we are, all because of no good @$^&**(^$$#@((*&%$^&. Our generosity and stupidity definitely are big contributors the downfall of the country.

We gave away too much freedom; and the bastards turned it against us. In such a deceitful manner, they turned the constitution completely around and used it for their nefarious purposes.

What is the old saying??? The persons kindness and generosity was turned around and used against them. We were too good for our own good, too generous with other countries, too liberal with our own people, and to fuckin weak to say NO! The critical mistakes we made in with our generosity governing the country is going to put us in the grave.

Donald Trump said a lot of stupid things while he was in office; but the most sensible statement he made which I always believed in; CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

We insisted on going around the world trying to change everyone’s lives when they were perfectly happy before we got there. If in fact we turned it around and made their lives better, I would say that’s an accomplishment. The fact of the matter, the vast majority of countries we tried to assist, were in worse shape after we left than when we illegally invaded.

The idiots that run this government remind me of the missionaries that go into the deep dark rainforest in Brazil trying to convert the natives. Invariably, when their mission is over, the natives are worse off physically and mentally than when the missionaries got there.

There are certain conditions that exist in this world that are never going to change, so they might as well be left alone and evolve at their own pace.

Sad to say many of the wars the United States started we’re all for profit and had very little to do with the welfare of the countries in question.

Mostly every condition we see today with the turmoil and unrest around the world, are a direct result of these two monsters started, sticking your nose where did not belong, illegally invading countries for profit. There are no two other ways about it.

Show me where I’m wrong. How many of the countries that were invaded were better off when we left?? Good question huh!! NONE.

How much richer were their bank accounts after we ran away in disgrace??

He was responsible for them being hospitalized and he had the balls to charge them to speak at their event. That man is a disgrace.

George W. Bush charged vets group $100k for speech – CNN › 2015/07/09 › politics › george-w-…

Jul 9, 2015 — Former President George W. Bush is under fire for charging $100,000 to speak to a group of veterans wounded in a pair of wars he started

Hold down your hats and bonnets ladies and gents, the next couple years are going to be some doozies. With incompetent fools like KJ and his puppeteers running this country, the only outcome can be disastrous, the only way to go is down.

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