The #Whiteman #hater is #right for #once ….

CNN’s Don Lemon defends questioning Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s mental fitness: ‘It’s our job’

Many Democrats believe President Biden shouldn’t seek reelection in 2024

CNN host Don Lemon joined “New Day” on Wednesday to discuss his interview with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre the previous night, during which she criticized his questioning. 

Jean-Pierre laughed off a question from Lemon about Biden’s mental fitness amid reporting from The New York Times about members of the Democratic Party having concerns about Biden’s leadership ability. 

Usually every time the white man hater opens his fly trap he puts his foot in his mouth by making totally off the wall statements that makes no sense at all.

Just one of his ridiculous statements:

CNN’s Don Lemon doubles down after saying white men are ‘the biggest terror threat in this country

Talk about hypocritical; his statement makes no sense at all. First and foremost because it is not true, and more ridiculous, Donny Lemonade is married to a honkie.

Gotta wonder who slept on the couch for a month

I agree with Donny; it is the responsibility of good reporters to ask the hard/ unpleasant questions. Likewise, it should be the responsibility of the person being interviewed to give honest and straightforward answers. But we know the world does not operate like that.

It certainly is a telltale indicator of desperation when the far left liberal media is coming out publicly denouncing Kamikaze Joes performance and mental stability. Anyone that could try to deny that needs to be locked in a padded cell along with K J.

As I stated so many times before; any one that will not admit K J is severely impaired, they are in total denial and do not want to admit it.

So this morning; even though reluctantly, I have to give Donny Lemonade check mark or finally making some sense. Unoptimistically (new word) not expecting that to be his MO for the future.

We even must give the devil their due when they have it coming

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