Never talk in your sleep ….

GMA speaks to Hunter Biden’s ex-wife about his addiction, business dealings, and the laptop: ‘So much shame’

Host Amy Robach pressed Kathleen Buhle on whether Hunter traded on his famous last name

During the exchange, Robach asked Buhle how she felt about her ex-husband’s drug “addiction,” his earnings from being on the board of the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, the pictures from his laptop, and whether she had issue with Joe and Jill Biden signaling support for Hunter’s subsequent relationship with his deceased brother Beau’s widow.

Never talk in your sleep, especially if your relationship is hanging on by a thread. Just AXE The Hunter Brat.

The old cliche that comes into play in circumstances like this; there is nothing as treacherous as a woman scorned, or some similar facsimile.

According to KJ and everybody connected with him, every else in this world is a liar except Kamikaze – his family and associates. Talk about arrogance and a superiority attitude, if this book title does not take the cake nothing else will. In their own words, by their own vanity and arrogance, they hung themself.

Son, they caught us in the whore house red handed – how do we bullshit our way out of this one

When we look in the dictionary for scum bags, these two characters are at the very top of the list. Not only did they cross the line of decency and morality so many times, but their denial of any wrongdoing is absolutely astounding. The brat sure was not bullshitting when he had made an admission about everything his father taught him. They are both as dirty it’s a city dump.

Biden family out for desserts

The primary reason the brat may not be prosecuted, if he goes down so will his own man.

Just about anything in life is excusable if there is some contrition shown. For this bum to go and shack up with his dead brother’s wife (the corpse was probably still warm) is unconscionable.

They can put all the perfume on, all the finery, they could put all the jewelry on, dressed to the nines, put on the air of superiority, but down deep inside all they are are scumbags.

Stealing is one thing, BUTT screwing your dead brothers wife!! That is a real zinger. I really don’t think there are too many people on this planet stoop who would slither as low as that.

The best part about this unbelievable fact of betrayal, Kamikaze Joe and his wife the doctor, gave the loving couple their approval and a thumbs up for their arrangement. Does anyone else but me see the severity of that act??

Now we have a little get back coming into play with the brats ex-wife is putting the bad mouth on him and spilling her guts.

Where will all the this go?? Probably nowhere just like all the other jackpots wealthy people and celebrities get their ass into without any consequences. Money money money honey, is the name of the game.

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