How some fools glorify degenerates like Oz is puzzling

Ozzy Osbourne, 73, to undergo ‘major’ surgery that will ‘determine the rest of his life’

What Oz is probably trying to determine is, whether he will be healthy enough to continue with his radical over-the-top-lifestyle or not. Personally, I cannot I am not going to be rushing to the drugstore to buy him a sympathy card or a get well card.

Why is kids are so F-ed up??

Aren’t they proud of dear old dad
The Osborne freak show

The Black Sabbath singer requires surgery on Monday

And we wonder why we have a subculture of degenerate young people that grow up idolizing fools like Osborne. Because of role models like Oz, their only mission/ambition in life is to be a drug shooting/snorting, booze sucking, perverted sex freak bum just like Osborne and the rest of the freaks out there.

The human body must be one hell of a machine for what this guy put it through and is still on the side of the grass.

His old lady as they refer to them, (married for 40 years) seems to be out of the nice person. What is the old saying; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I see she hasn’t been to the optometrist/ ophthalmologist in many years How the hell would she put up with him for so many years; the only explanation can be she must approve of his over the top antics. As we say; when a person lives with a cripple they usually start to limp.

The peculiar part of this scenario and many like it, people like Osborne are highly intelligent people; mostly any road they took in life they would be successful, but they decided to be hard rough degenerates, taking their talents down the wrong path.

In my opinion, beside a good education, the most influential examples set for kids in life is being a good role model.

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