Score one for the good guys …..

Judge sides with Home Depot after company prevented employees from wearing Black Lives Matter imagery

Home Depot had been accused of violating workers rights after not allowing workers to wear BLM imagery

Rights to what?? What about the rights of the good people in H D spending their hard earned money?? If the dude or dudess who was wearing the shirt was a shopper and not an employee of H D, it would be an entirely different story.

I know if I observed a worker for any establishments I patronized demonstrating their political, religious beliefs at the workplace, I definitely would not be a frequent shopper there.

“The Home Depot does not tolerate workplace harassment of any kind and takes all reports of discrimination or harassment seriously, as we did in this case,” Home Depot said last year. “We disagree with the characterization of this situation and look forward to sharing the facts during the NLRB’s process. Regardless of the outcome, we will continue to be fully committed to diversity and respect for all people.” 

One particular incident that really frosted my nuts was when Steffi Graf displayed BLM Insignia on her upper right shoulder while a contestant on American Ninja Warrior. Totally out of line!!

Very few people wanted to touch this, but The Goomba Gazette did on 9-22-2020. I used to respect the broad before that, but now I have an entirely different opinion of her. Is she still a great athlete?? Absolutely, BUTT …..

Not the time and the place…. ….

Posted on 09/22/2020 by The Goomba Gazette

Neither Google or Bing have the balls enough to display a picture.

I really don’t care what beliefs any person has, racial, religious, political, they are entitled to their own opinion, BUTT they should not try to shove it down everybody throat.

I remember years ago just after 911 I was coming back from the Cayman Islands and had a layover in Florida. I forget what airline it was, but these idiots had one of their employees dressed in full Middle Eastern garb with the face cover and the whole 9 yards.

I walked up to the counter ask to speak to the manager. When the fool/manager came over I asked him; what the fuck is the matter with you having women dressed in full garb just after the World Trade Center was attacked. As you would guess, he did not have the balls to tell this women to chance heer clothing.

That is one of the major problems we face in this country today, mostly everyone is afraid of their own shadow, reluctant/scared to open their mouth. OH, they won’t like me. You know what I have to say to that; if everybody likes you you’re doing something wrong. Only after the shit hits the fan and there was a gigantic tragedy, then they throw their arms up in the air and try figure out why these things are happening. OPEN YOUR FUCKIN MOUTH and let them know you are alive folks, it would make a huge difference.

God hates a coward!!!!!

In this case it is refreshing to see the courts have given the good guys check mark. All anyone can ever ask for in life, is common sense, respect and fairness. I think that is reasonable.

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