More Mushmouth Moore ….

Filmmaker Michael Moore continues calls for the Second Amendment to be repealed: ‘You don’t need a gun’

When we look in the dictionary under humongous imbecile, whose picture do we see but Michael Moore’s. This guy has to be one of the most repulsive looking, rebel rousing, nonsensical speaking left-wingers, out of touch with reality, socio-dumbaocrats, jack-offs in the entire planet.

I had to see where Michael Moore lives, where does he hangs up the stretch-o-matic drawers that he can barley squeeze into?

He is totally isolated from any kind of violence and has no conception of what people in crime-ridden areas have to live with. I have said it once and I will say it a thousand times. Unless you walk in THEIR shoes STFU.

Let me impart a small tid-bit of factual information to this fool and idiots like him. If he lived in an area with an out of control crime rate, dozens of killings once a week, or was sitting in a restaurant eating dinner with his wife and family or in the movie theater stuffing his face with popcorn, Coca-Cola and candy bars and some crazy bastard walked in with an assault rifle, you can bet your sweet ass that Michael Mooredick would wish he had a pistola in his pocket. But then again, (he may shoot himself in the pecker) it is more important to have the balls to use your weapon if the devil’s head pops up. .

One of the major problems we had in this country are the people out there that love to sell wolf tickets but don’t know how to buy them. Possibly like Hugh Hefner telling us how bad he had it.

The very sad fact of reality, we live in an extremely violent society and the good guys need to be protected from the bad guys. With the unenviable circumstances of our illustrious, political, cowardly, politicians running this country, we sure as hell can not depend on them to protect us. God helps those who help themselves.

What the hell do they care about the common man and protecting him. If they ever feel threatened or in danger they hire private security at the taxpayers expense. Pretty nifty huh!!! That is called, having it boof ways.

If we are not adequately protected, someday our name (maybe) will appear as a blur on the back page of the New York Times as just another statistic.

In my opinion everyone in this country should be packing, with the exception of criminals and mentally insane, ONLY providing they are well trained and can or will use their weapons ONLY a life and death emergency. I will guarantee, if that ever were to eventuate (wishful thinking – I really doubt it) everyone would be on the same playing field and the crime rate would be reduced dramatically. Is it extremely sad to say that society in general has regressed to that point?? You bet it is, but self protection is a necessity for self- preservation.

In order to deal with the disastrous crime situations/conditions we face in this country, in my opinion we need MOORE cops and MOORE armed solid citizens not less.

People like Mush Mouth Moore I am sure never heard the old cliche; you always sound a hell of a lot better with your mouth shut. If you do not have anything intelligence or common sensed to say, keep that flytrap zipped up Mikie.

Now you sound better – good weight loss solution

Mornin James

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