Dude – ever hear of Uber of taxi …..

Nancy Pelosi husband’s DUI court date set; no decision yet on potential charges

Paul Pelosi, 82, was arrested for a DUI on May 29 by California Highway Patrol


Everyone has a sip now and then. Some people have more than a sip now and then. We cannot throw stones at them for drinking, but we can throw stones at them for drunk driving. I would think that a guy who is so unfortunate to be married to Nasty Nan, especially that she is third in line, would know the rules. Evidently not.

I have to wonder if Mr. P. tried using the old cop out plea with the cop. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???

For all the faithful people that follow the Goomba Gazette, they know I do never hold anyone to task for someone else is inadequacy’s or Faux Pas. One thing I may have a lot of sympathy for in Mr P’s case; being married to Nasty Nan. That is his penance on earth.

Possibly going to jail for a couple months will give him a break from the old lady and help him clear his mind. Lord knows he needs it.

Quite possible that is why he drinks excessively because of who is married to.

Nan who???

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