Someone finally turned the ALARM clock on ….

Progressive San Francisco DA recalled by voters in one of nation’s most liberal cities

Mayor London Breed will be tasked with finding a new district attorney for San Francisco

San Francisco voters recall progressive DA Chesa Boudin over soft-on-crime policies

You don’t mean to tell me these fools in San Francisco finally woke up to the fact that they are opposed to some homeless dude or dudess shitting on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant they are dining at and are rethinking their lunacy??

I guess it is acceptable for the pampered citizens of San Fran (Not all) for the lawbreakers to allow rioting – burn buildings – smash and grab – hijack car – violently beat people up and and many more other ways to break the law. BUTT when a vagrant has their BUTT sticking in some yuppies face while they are sucking on a neck bone, that is over the top for them. They must have a weak stomach.

I don’t know folks, I think this whole world has their priorities in wrong place. Steal – rob – beat up BUTT shitting in front of the window where I am eating, that is where they draw the line.

The words are the same but the meaning is different, There is a old cliche floating around, don’t masticate where someone is defecating!! Fitting but not exactly n the meaning it was meant for.

It was just a matter of time before all of this insanity – PC bullshit – progressive nonsense, catches up to these imbeciles. As I had so eloquently stated many times; until it directly involves the lawmakers and the upper crust, we will never see any action. The forementioned people could care less about the average citizen, only when their incomprehensible decisions involve them, that is when they start to get nervous.

We should all chip in and buy a gigantic dinner of pasta fagoli for all of the street people in San Fran, load them to the gills, then give them Nasty Nan’s and some of the other crackpots out there address.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person

If shit is what it takes, so be it!!!

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