Wait until this can of worms is completely open ….

DHS warns of violent months ahead, monitoring risks of domestic terrorism and foreign adversaries


Just another indicator to show the ignorance of our administration. We do not have enough headaches with our homegrown terrorists and gangs, because of his stupidity of Kamikaze Joe he is thrown out the welcome mat for 10’s of 1,000’s of degenerates and criminals from foreign countries to cross our borders unimpeded.

History is repeating itself. When Fidel Castro sent the boat people by the thousands to the United States. he didn’t pick out doctors lawyers and professional people, he chose the worst of the worst and the sickest of the sick, criminals, packed them into boat like sardines and shipped them special delivery to the USA. What the hell do you think these other countries are doing on the Mexican boarder??

Does Kamikaze Joe and his cronies think they personally will not have to deal with them individual basis?? Not right now, because they are living on Knob Hill, but if they think they will be completely isolated from these people, they are sorely mistaken.

Eventually the migration of the Wall People are going to intertwine and infect every facet of our society. I will make a prediction, in 10 years or less, if there is not a monumental turn around, the United States will look resemble the slums of Haiti with its filth and lawlessness.

We are half way there already – Detroit today

Lock and load people, this horror movie will be playing/coming to a cinema in your area sooner than you may think. If you do not agree, you must be living in a cave, awful ignorant or gullible.

Pay me now or much more later folks. The negligence and poor decision making by our politicians (purposely or otherwise) is going to be the downfall of the USA. We only will get out of life we put into it.

There can be no other reason as to what this fool is doing, except he is out to destroy the USA. If there is explanation I would love to hear.

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