Drunker Sailor doesn’t even come close …..

Biden admin to cancel $5.8B in school loans for former Corinthian College students

Students who have paid off their school loans will not be eligible

For a guy that probably runs to the shit house whenever the waiter comes with the check, for a guy that would try to cheat a hooker out of a fin (5.00$) on a 10.00$ trick after his 30 seconds performance, for a guy that probably stole money out of his kids piggy banks, who tried to return a half-eaten steak, he is sure foot and fancy free with the American peoples tax dollars.


The Biden administration says it will cancel federal student loans for some 560,000 borrowers who attended the for-profit Corinthian Colleges chain

Under the new action, hundreds of thousands of students who attended the now-defunct chain will receive $5.8 billion in full loan discharges – the largest of its kind in the Department of Eduction’s history.

To start with; what about all of the millions of other people that bust their ass through the years to pay off their loans?? What a slap in the face this is to them.

Secondly; is it illegal or I know it’s unethical to single out some colleges and leave others out??

All of these off the wall issues Kamikaze Joe is pissing away billions on, is not because he is a super benevolent person, it is only because he is trying to get his numbers up and resurrect his horrible track record since he has been in office.

The United States of America he’s had it too good too long and never worried about squandering the dead presidents. The time has come and long past were all the frivolous spending and not repaying loans we have taken out with other countries, that among some other critical mistakes, is certainly going to be our doom.

How can anyone look at this Real Time clock and not feel like regurgitating.


These numbers are increasing so rapidly, by the time I got to the end of this sentence, they skyrocketed another 50 billion.

What is the old rule of thumb we used to live by? Never borrow money, but if you are forced to pay it back immediately.

How anyone with 100/th of a brain that spends money the way KJ and the other political fools are based on our current financial situation?? If the evidence is not staring you right in the face of his inadequate presidency, shooting wildly from the hip, and not being concerned about the consequences, nothing else does.

There are a lot of people out there that will say in KJ’s defense, he is not the only president that is/was extremely extravagant with the USA’s finances. They are absolutely right. What they are not saying is, KJ has been in political office for 57 years and had a hand in, and much more involvement in the country’s financial transactions than mostly anyone else in political office.

KJ the fool is marching the American people into oblivion and there does not seem to be anyway to stop this madman. By that time 2024 rules around, there will not be enough crumbs left to reconstruct the cake.

What a disgrace the damage KJ and his puppeteers are inflicting on this country for the sake of turning it into a socialist state. If everyone out there can not see the handwriting on the wall socialism is their ultimate goal, they better take off their blinders.

Based on the current out of control conditions and circumstances, mankind grossly abusing Mother Nature; Charlie Chan – Putin – The Kid-Dick-Tator and TMC’s cousins may not be our biggest concern for survival.

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