I have been preaching this for years …

Ukraine’s courage against Russia shows free world how to stand up to Putin and Xi

Ukraine’s leadership against Russian brutality offers 6 key lessons on how to fight Putin and Xi that democratic nations should embrace

Were there as unity there is strength.

Without the intervention/assistance of the United Nations into the Ukrainian war; Ukraine would have been defeated months ago. I hope that this is a well learned lesson for all of mankind.

Let us use this same example to try and wipeout corruption and illegal activities throughout the world. That may be a real stretch. Just wishful thinking!! It can be done, the question is how much does mankind really want peace and tranquility?? If we took out the $$$$$ from the equation, that would be deciding factor. I say, never happen.

The only real question now is, will that maniac hit the red button if he has nowhere to go and nowhere to hide???

Desperate people do desperate things

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