Pope Franny’s get back – shameful ….

Abortion-Communion controversy: Pope Francis elevates bishop who defended serving pro-choice politicians

Pope Francis promoted McElroy ahead of Salvatore Cordileone, who barred Nancy Pelosi from Communion

Is this a gigantic holy smoke get-back, a slap in the face, a kick in the holy nuts to Cordileone, the guy Franny pass over for the promotion to Cardinal or what??

The move comes in the wake of San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s announcement earlier this month that he would bar Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion due to her stance on abortion. In naming McElroy, Francis passed over Cordileone, who holds a higher rank. 

In other words; there is no unity/solidarity/consistency in the Catholic Church. When a person commits a sin or does not obey the rules of the church and is chastised by one authority, it is acceptable for a higher authority to shoot down the decision. Very hypocritical the way I see it.

Cordileone put the screws to Nast Nan not allowing her to receive communion because of her stand on abortions, but Franny, the head chef of the RIGHT HANDERS, allowed her to received the host anyway.

What kind of message does that seem to the parishioners/blind sheep?? Depending who you are, how much $oldi a person has, that will be the deciding factor on what their punishment/reprimand will be, if any. Total hypocrisy.

The way I see it Francis; has not made too many good moves since you took over for that Nazi lover. I knew when John Paul got his beanie, there was more to it than met the eye. Their cover ups in so many different situations truly take the starch out of anyone that wants to be a true believer. The Catholic Church through the years has been one of the most corrupt and powerful organizations on the planet.

Their Big Ace in the whole is; all they do is look in the mirror, tell their sins to their reflection, make a good act of contrition (maybe), absolve themselves and all is forgiven,

Johnny, you lie and I will swear to it – what secrets these two sinners have between themselves

Along with all of their other improprieties, THE ULTIMATE COVER-UP of the sick bastard priests pedophiles who perpetrated crimes of rape or molestation on hundreds of thousands of innocent kids, concealed by everyone from the top down, the Catholic Church has sure tarnishes halo.

If nothing else, this shows a true character of Franny and the hypocrisy Catholic Church. So possibly all this time, over all the centuries, a sin may not even be a sin depending on who you talk to.

Funny story:

Many years ago when I was a believer, there was a visiting priest at Mount Carmel church, that was visiting from China, they guy could not speak any English. For some strange reason this Chinese priest was hearing confessions, why, I don’t know. No matter what was confessed to Charlie Chan’s brother, (I killed my whole family last night) he would give the sinner two Our Fathers and two Hail Marys’ as penance for the sins.

I still say; religions were instituted for a couple of different reasons. # 1 to put to put fear in the people by brainwashing them into believing that they will burn in hell for in the afterlife for their F-ups. # 2, most important to their cause, was the generate $$$$$$$.

As far as the afterlife goes; enjoy that T-bone that you’re gonna slap on the grill today and probably burn a shit out of it; that is about as good as it gets now and in the hereafter.

Be a good person, respect others, be a good role model and love your children, treat people the way you want to be treated (regardless of race, creed or color), live an honest life and don’t worry about dropping those dead presidents in the basket every Sunday. All you are doing is supporting the humongous pay offs the church is dishing out to off the victims of the pedophiles. If they would have confronted the situation from the very beginning, they would have saved a lot of people, a lot of hardship, a lot of pain, a lot of mental anguish, and the church a shit load of $oldi. Not to mention the embarrassment, shame and the distrust they created in their religion.

I don’t want to put the entire blame/ hypocrite jacket on the Catholic religion for being a FUGAZI, the rest of fast talking charlatans are just as bad. Taking into account 100% of all the clergy in different denominations, I would guess that possibly 20%, if that, are the real thing and the others are just glorified street hustlers.

Is it a very sad commentary for the human race?? It turns out the people that we are supposed to trust the most are the people we can trust the least??

What kind of respect can we give Franny for not supporting the decisions of the priests under his command?? NONE!

I guess the old cliche is very apropos in this situation; DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO!!!

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