Rapists in the 1st degree …..

Gasoline hits record high during Memorial Day weekend

Analysts have cited elevated crude prices and increased seasonal demand as two key factors in the price surge.

The GAS PUMP RAPISTS should be brought up on (gasoline rape charges) and price gouging. Isn’t it just a gigantic coincidence just before every national holiday when people are hitting the blacktop, like clockwork, the DIRTY MOTHERS who control the gas pumps, the rapists drives the gas prices through the roof??

I wondered how many politicians have stock in the. oil companies. Mr. Google had the answer.

Members of Congress Own Up to $93 Million in Fossil Fuel …

https://prospect.org › power › members-of-congress-ow…

Jan 10, 2020 — As of Dec. 13, 2019, 134 members of Congress and their spouses own as much as $92.7 million worth of stock in fossil fuel companies and mutual …

And we wonder why none of these fools breaking their ass to get the price of gasoline down to a reasonable level.

The Insider: 61 members of Congress have violated a law designed to stop insider trading and prevent conflicts-of-interest

Ain’t this a bitch. If and when the blood suckers are caught making illegal trades or transactions; they make a plea but they knew nothing (BULLSHIT0, they are the first ones that say ignorance of the law is no excuse or they are leveled with a heavy fine of $200.00.

Let me do the math. If I’m a sleazy politician, I engage in illegal stock transactions and make a killing of a couple 100,000$ or a few million, and only get fined $200, I’m gonna do that once a week.

While lawmakers who violate the STOCK Act face a fine, the penalty is usually small — $200 is the standard amount — or waived by House or Senate ethics officials. Ethics watchdogs and even some members of Congress have called for stricter penalties or even a ban on federal lawmakers from trading individual stocks. On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are now seriously debating such a ban.

The ironic and hypocritical part of this entire scenario, the sons-a-bitches that make the laws are the ones that break the laws. It is no wonder that every swinging dick and their female blood sucking counterparts want to be as politician. The rewards are tremendous and the punishment for breaking the law is minimal to none. 100,000.00$ profit VS a 200.00$ fine, I will take that everyday of the week.

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but it seems that the stealing/ thieving at the gas pumps has become more and more common.

I get some of my gas at a COSTCO. They are always 20 to $0.30 a gallon cheaper. Here’s the kicker; every time I engage the gas pump by compressing the handle, gas does not come out of the hose until the pump reads at least .40 cents. It is not only Costco that is running this scam, most of the gas stations out there operate the same way. It is not bad enough they are taking our eyeballs out with their gas prices, they are cheating us on the gallons they dispense. I have brought this to the attention of the attendant many times but I am speaking to deaf ears.

Next time you get gas, pay attention to the dials on the gas pump and the sound of the gas coming out of the hose. I can almost guarantee you that they are beating you by at least .20 to $0.30.

In a nutshell; THE ALL OF THE ARE F-IN THIEVES regardless of where you shop, eat or transact any business.

As for all of the price rapists/gouger’s, oil companies, restaurants, food suppliers, the bastards that make huge profits off of someone else was in misery; they should be arrested and sent to the crossbar for a six month paid vacation. BUTTTTT we all know, nothing is going to change. In the tree of life, the average Joe and Jane blow are sitting on the bottom branch, are constantly getting blasted by the excrement coming down from the high rollers.

Happy Memorial Day to the all of the patriots in the country.

To everyone else, buy a one way ticket to North Korea. I hear THE KID needs some volunteers for practice on his rocket launching target range.

Try to remember; without the liberties and freedom that United States has extended to you, your life on earth would not be as pleasant as it is. Show your appreciation by supporting the country with your patriotism.

You think you have it tough here?? Go visit THE KID.

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