Sleeping at the wheel ….

Uvalde gunman threatened rapes and school shootings on social media app Yubo in weeks leading up to the massacre, users say …..

Questions remain over local response to Texas school shooting. Was there a donut shop on the same route the cops took??

There are reports some cops were lingering the hallway of the school, not responding while students continually called 911 that the shooters was in the classroom.

Is being a good cop a dangerous/difficult/thankless/unappreciated occupation?? Absolutely yes, but when the bell rings they have to be ready to launch the action immediately.

Were some of them afraid to make a move, fearing for their life?? Possibly yes and who can blame them. But putting their life on the line is what they signed up for. They MUST respond in a timely and responsible manner were ever millisecond can be critical in the outcome in the number of lives saved or lost.

All of the apologies in the world by the authorities do not bring the kids back. It is going to be the same old story; no one will be held accountable and we have not seen the end or the last of these deadly incidents. I would just hope in the future the people in blue meet the challenges more aggressively and do their job more proficiently. It is and will be a matter of life and death.

On the other side of the coin; the powers to be, the fools that write some of the ridiculous laws that put restrictions on the cops doing their job properly, should be more supportive so the cops can do their job in a diligent manner.

It is a two way street. We cannot demand that the cops do a better job if they are handcuffed with their hands behind their back and thrown into the ocean expected the swim. It is a very difficult and demanding job and they need all the support they can get.

I will always contend that laws have to be changed in order for potentially deranged, dangerous people be apprehended; either evaluated or locked up permanently if they are found to be mentally incompetent. It is called PROACTIVE. Attack the dangerous situation before it attacks you.


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