I must have ESPN ……

Texas school shooting: Could Israeli school security methods serve as model for US schools?

Israel uses a multi-layered approach to school security and goes to great lengths to identify potential assailants through behavioral profiling

David Hazony, a writer, and commentator on Israeli and American affairs and a father to eleven children, told Fox News Digital that the country “puts effort into identifying potential assailants through behavioral profiling.”

I must have ESPN (Extra Scenery Perception Nose). This is the same thing I have been preaching for years, vigilance and recognizing erratic behavior, reporting it can play a gigantic role in predicting and preventing such incidents from happening.

There have been six terrorist attacks on Israeli schools since 1974. That low figure can be explained by the multiple layers of security Israel employs and the engagement of civil society in aiding the nation’s law enforcement.

Yigal Arbiv, who was in charge of security at Tchernichovsky Junior High School in the Israeli coastal city of Netanya for 16 years, told Fox News Digital it is important that the “head of security [for a school] be given authorization to do everything” to provide safety for the children and staff.

I am absolutely positive Israel’s methods positively include apprehending and arresting an individual who displays unusual behavior, thus preventing the crime from happening.

The fools that run our government are two concerned about pissing someone off because their rights were violated. Well I have a secret for them; if you do not want your rights violated, you shouldn’t behave suspiciously or out of line. As soon as anyone commits a crime, their rights should be immediately taken away.

Arbiv, who has 27 years of military and security experience, said his system employed a “spotter 50 meters from school” who patrolled the area and kept an eye out. Visitors to the school “could only come from one direction,” he said.

Message to the ignore lawmakers in ultra liberals in this country. We are in a war with the enemy within, mentally disturbed psychopaths that want to get their 15 minutes of fame by killing as many people as they can at one time to get their kisser on the front page.

It should be the responsibility and obligation of the authorities to do anything and everything, including violating their rights, to thwart their activities.

What do you think the greater sin is; not ruffling some maniac feathers because you are worried about his rights, or allowing more mass killings that could be prevented?? Do the math fools, it is not very difficult.

Get your heads out of your ass and do what you paid for. By not doing your job properly, top priority includes the protection of all citizens, young and old alike; by shirking that responsibility well blood from the dead and injured is on your hands.

Intelligent people would observe how others become successful or proficient at what they do and follow their pattern. Only a fool would look at a dangerous solution and ignore it because they have a warped mind and the passive, imbecilic mentality.

There are solutions as I have indicated. Again; if the solution is there but it is not followed, the blood of all these incidents or on your hands.


Posted on 05/25/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

The same old pathetic sad story …..

Authorities, Get off your ass – quit dishing out lip service, it is getting old and going nowhere. Make some positive moves regarding these incidents before they repeatedly happen.

Ever consider a victim or dead people’s rights????

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