It is all bullshit lip service ……

Texas school shooting: Who are the victims killed at Uvalde elementary school?

I cannot help but wonder how many schools had activities since this horrible shooting that did not have police protection the very next day at every entrance and exit?? It is all bullshit lip service with our politicians and lawmakers.

They are just like the officials that are assigned to make sure our infrastructure is safe. They never take action until there is a catastrophe like a bridge collapsing; and maybe, they do not take any action for weeks or months, if they ever do. Worthless!!!

Their first course of action is always to appoint a Czar – make first class air reservations for 1000 people, set up a two week conference at The Four Seasons hotel and eventually come away with less then they came with.

How many disasters have occurred in our country, either natural or man-made that have never been resolved because of the incompetence of our leaders?? Just a lot of lip service, billions spent and meetings and research that never go anywhere.

I went to a concert at school last night my grandsons school last night where about 1000 people attended. Sure as shit, there was NOT EVEN ONE COP on site, let alone at any entrance or exit. What would it have taken for some madman to charge the auditorium with an AKA 47 and kill about 400 or 500 people??

Whenever I attend any function like that, I always sit in the back next to the entrance, with my TWO LITTLE friends in my pocket, locked and loaded. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Am I a paranoid person??? F-no, just the Jarhead that looks at the world in a realistic manner.

I will guarantee, still to this very moment, there are very few authorities setting into action a proactive game plans to eliminate any future calamities.

Published almost 10 years ago

Very sad days

Published on Dec 14, 2012 at 12:19 PM

I have been doing posts going back all the way to 2012 about placing well trained armed security at every doorway at every school the entire country. It all falls on deaf ears.

Following this suggestion would create thousands of jobs for ex military or retired law enforcement; and most importantly it would make the safety of our kids much more secure.

Some fools are going to ask if it is worth all of the expense?? We piss away billions of dollars on other countries to protect them, at the same time we will not protect their own kids. Ask the relatives of the slain kids if it would be worth the price.

Once again, over and over the same bullshit conversation coming out of the mouths our politicians, it’s just a lot of lip service. Would someone tell me, what can be more precious and valuable than the life of the kid??

Will these or other safety measures be implemented to prevent future problems?? I really doubt it. There have been so many school shootings in the last few years; still to this day the powers to be have not come up with or reasonable solution. Just F-in lip service.

The only thing that they are really concerned with is, if their paychecks will stop when the government shuts down and how long before they can retire with full pension.

In my opinion if there are 20% of the politicians (probably stretching this by 10%) that are dedicated to their job, it would surprise the hell out of me.

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