The same old pathetic sad story …..

Uvalde, Texas school shooting leaves 19 children, 3 adults, including shooter dead

How very sad it is the people cannot so no kids in school without the fear of never seeing them alive again.

People – people – people; we have allowed a few spineless/cowardly/liberals to come in, take over and turn our society/world upside down with their nonsensical concept of how law order should be conducted. We allowed it and NOWWWWWWW will have a very difficult time returning it to normal.

Uvalde High School student Salvador Ramos allegedly gunned down 22 people, including 19 children, at Robb Elementary School, Texas authorities said.

If Rules and regulations are not written allowing authorities to apprehend and put away for testing suspected dangerous people, this sad scenario will only escalate and get worse with copycat killers.

With the new progressive/liberal mentality in town, where people are not/can not be arrested for actual crimes are committed; let alone being apprehended war crimes but they may commit; all we are doing is pissing up the rope and continue to look for solutions that are staring us right in the face.

Would these new measures totally illuminate the mass shootings other horrific crimes?? Hell no, BUTT they would certainly be reduced substantially.

Don’t wanna make a move in the right direction?? Then STFU and start increasing the production of coffins and body bags.

Following the guidelines, we may not be able to completely close the wound, but we can stop some of the bleeding and put a band aid on the situation and get it under control.

Let us say Mr. Smith lives next door to a person that has been acting very erratic. It should be Mr Smith’s obligation to report this person to the authorities. It also should be responsibility of the authorities to take whatever actions are necessary to make sure this person is not a threat to society.

Johnny the Nut case as he is known by, is acting goofy, has an obsession with weapons, spends all of his time in a dark room playing insane video games, posting threatening rubbish on the Internet; this kid is another stereotype that should be reported arrested and mental evaluated. If authorities determine he should be locked up until deemed safe for society no matter how long it takes, so be it.

Our regressive/out of touch with reality society has turned the country into a safe harbor for the insane. If not so apathetic, enabling and permissive, we allow are allowing the mentally disturbed citizens to run rampant. If the proper steps are not taken, we have no one to blame but ourselves for these catastrophes.

I’m willing to bet and the money I have buried in the backyard, as I am putting this post together, there are thousands of other wack jobs out there sharpening their swords for the next slaughter. If not reported, you have not turned in, we will see hundreds more of these incidents taking place in the future.

Take the bulls by the horns fools and steer them in the right direction. If we continue to allow the bulls to run wild, they will continue to stomp and trample us to death.

The ball is your court – you have the ability to make the changes. If you continue to cry about the conditions and do nothing about them, you are ignorant enabling fol.

There are solutions if the bleeding hearted liberals get their head out of their ass.

Why is it so dark in there??
Because you have your head up your ass.

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