Get the diaper bags out …..

As Ukraine war drags on, Russia removes military age limits

Russia to eliminate upper age limit for military service

It seems like Putin and many other people underestimated the power, dedication, patriotism and the military might of the Ukrainian people.

There were age limits set up in Russia for people that were allowed to serve in the military, 18 – 40 years old. Now; Putin he’s going to make alterations in order to fill that quota of his people that are getting killed in combat.

According to reports coming out of Russia; that is anybody’s guess as to their accuracy, Russian military has sustained heavy losses since opening its invasion of Ukraine in February. Estimates suggest the country’s military has lost 15,000 soldiers, with up to 35,000 others wounded.


All spearheaded on the whim of this F-in monster. This guy has no heart, no soul, no conscience; nothing in his entire being even comes close to resembling characteristics or qualities of a normal human being.

What else can be said except; I hope he gets what’s coming to him, either on earth for the afterlife if one does exist.

Now because his people (Russian) are getting their ass handed to them by the the Ukrainian military supported by the United Nations forces, Putin is altering the minimum and maximum for military duty so he can replenish the ranks and have more of his people killed.

What is next; the diaper brigade??

What needs to happen is an insurrection from within to put and end to the slaughter on both sides.

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