Lombard street fits CHC to a “T”, crooked as can be ….

Trump reacts to testimony that Clinton spread Russia allegations: ‘Where do I get my reputation back?’

Trump says, ‘For three years, I had to fight her off,’ referring to Hillary Clinton

Lombard St has distinction being called the crookest street in the world. CHC has been carrying the same label, one of the crookest people on the planet.

It is absolutely shameful and an indelible black mark on The United States politics; that people like this crooked witch is allowed to function and spreader poisonous lies without any repercussions.

I am a firm believer in; blame me for what I did, not what you think I did. The slimeballs like the Clintons hide behind the façade of being decent people, meanwhile they are some of the most despicable people on the planet who has literally been getting away with murder for decades. To put it in a nutshell; their entire life has been a fuckin lie.

Their illegal activities are to numerous to mention.

Even with all of his money, Donald Trump would find it impossible to take legal action against these scumbags that would drag out any legal proceedings for decades costing millions and millions of dollars.

Former President Donald Trump reacted to the bombshell testimony out of the trial of Michael Sussmann that Hillary Clinton herself approved the dissemination of false information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank to the media.

Trump told Fox News Digital that the entire Russia investigation is “one of the greatest political scandals in history,” and that he will “never” get his “reputation fully back.” I am the first one to acknowledge Donald Trump is not as pure as a newborn baby. He did not get to worry is because he played by the rules. That being said; blame the guy for what he did but what he didn’t do.

It is not quite as bad but it can be compared, depending on its severity, to someone in jail because of something they didn’t do. They never get rid of that stigma.

I believe that malicious people who go around telling lies about others should have to pay the price.

Any decent, objective, stand up, honest, common sense person that would take an realistic look at the history of Wild Bill and CHC, would have to come to the determination; they will go down in history probably as bad or worse as Bonnie and Clyde in their own arena.

Bonnie and Clyde got what was coming to them, I would love to see this disastrous duel get their due.

Short and sweet; they are some very treacherous people with a lot of power and money that makes them even more treacherous.

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