Don’t monkey around with the monkey …

Biden on Monkeypox: Outbreak should concern ‘everybody,’ as health experts are baffled

The U.S. reported its first confirmed monkeypox case this week

Is Mother Nature playing get back, getting back at mankind for destroying her planet??

For starters:

The 5 major negative impacts humans have had on the environment/ecosystem?

The ecosystem has slowly but surely/ systematically been destroyed by mankind. The abuses ranging from deforestation, desertification, global warming, invasive species, and overharvesting are making full circle and coming back to haunt us in ways we could never have conceived. 99.99% of all the mistreatment revolve around the almighty $$$$. Unlike our physical emeries, Mother Nature is gaining the upper hand without firing a shot.

Tell me; who has more power, Mother Nature or the tyrants who are continually dismantle the world for their own greed?? I have always said, because of greed, control and power, given enough time and rope, mankind will hang itself. It looks like my intuition may be correct.

This dormant virus that has been asleep for quite some time is not anything we should monkey around with or take lightly. Scientist should be taking a good hard look at other virus using COVID-19 and other killer viruses as an example of how they can impact/devastate mankind.

Called monkeypox because researchers first detected it in laboratory monkeys in 1958, the virus is thought instead to transmit from wild animals such as rodents to people — or from infected people. In an average year, a few thousand cases occur in Africa, typically in the western and central parts of the continent.

One would have to assume; since the monkey virus has been in existence since 1958, science should have somewhat of a handle on how to combat it. Sleeping that the wheel has cost mankind dearly through the years.

My question is, if the virus has been around since 1958 (64 years) why has it not been completely eradicated??

Hold on to your hats folks the cycle is just beginning. Start buying up stock with pharmaceutical companies. I would bet they are working on shots #5 – #6 and possibly #7 already.

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