Vote for the person not the party …..

Bill Maher swipes Elon Musk for saying he’d vote Republican: ‘I’ve got to part company there’

Bill Maher suggests Elon Musk is ‘lacking some perspective’

Personally; I think that all political parties should be abolished and there should only be one. When push come to shove. the hypocrites in blue suits and knee high dresses only act on what their fanatical political/personal agenda involves and for the most part has little to do with party policies.

It doesn’t matter if the issue resembles the democratic, republican, communist, socialist, liberal ways of thinking; whatever matches their agenda that is the way they will sell their soul. What is the purpose of political parties.

To my way of thinking, I don’t care if the person happens to be one of the above mentioned, is black, if they are white, if they are green, if they are yellow, or if they’re from Na Nu Na Nu land. My biggest concern has always been is to elect someone who’s patriotic, dedicated to do the job, works for all the people, not just their political party, has an undying love for the United States, and treats ALL people equally regardless of their race, religion, financial disposition, or who their Ma Ma is shacking up with and ultimately are completely impartiality.

Is there a big order to fill?? Absolutely, but sad to say, the money people that control this country do not want anyone with those type of credentials or ideologies sitting in the big chair. They would be too much of a threat in the overall scheme of things that would disrupt their game plan of a complete country take over.

Are there people who meet these qualifications?? Absolutely, but as we all know, money talks and bullshit walks. $$$$$$ controls every facet of our life and absolutely DICK-TATES the way the world turns.

Billy Boy Maher, the rest of his flock (THIS SHOULD APPLY TO ALL PEOPLE, NOT MATTER WHAT SIDE OF THE PASTURE THEY GRAZE IN) should get their shit together and start considering who is the most qualified person FOR THE BIG CHAIR regardless of the above, instead of who looks best dressed like a JACK-ASS.

It is absolutely pathetic that the American people have such a piss poor selection to chose from when the curtain closes behind them. If the past presidential election is not a good indicator of how deplorable the candidate selection in this country is, nothing else proves it.

K J is probably one of the least qualified in the entire pack, BUTT is easily controlled and maneuvered. Qualifications have little to nothing to do with who gets elected, it is all about who the BIG MONEY CROOKS can control.

Talk about one of the biggest enemies of the country!! TMC (the Manchurian Candidate), Kamikaze Joe’s former boss tops the list. I don’t think that K J takes a piss our wipes his ass without getting a nod of approval from TMC.

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