No host for NASTY NAN ….

San Francisco archbishop bars Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion due to abortion support

Pelosi has said she is a ‘devout’ Catholic despite her abortion advocacy

Nasty is also from Italian heritage; and is also an embarrassment to them.

Hypocritical politicians like Nasty walk around with an artificial Halo on their head keeping it polished, acting like and believing they are someone they are not.

This broad has been putting on Academy award performance for years keeping herself relevant in politics and fooling the shit out of a lot of people. Without a doubt, she had to catch some of her constituents in the men’s room on their knees and held them hostage/blackmailed. These fools have dirt on everybody.

The reason J Edgar Hoover served as head of the FBI so long, he kept a diary on each president that he ever served under and most of them had many skeletons in their closet. Same O Same O

Hoover’s age and length of service, presidents of both parties made the decision to keep him at the helm of the Bureau. When Mr. Hoover died in his sleep on May 2, 1972, he had led the FBI for 48 years.

Hypocrisy of The Catholic Church: N N”s supposed boss was banned from receiving communion by a Bishop in the United States because of his stance on abortion.

What we should all know how corrupted the Catholic Church is. When Kamikaze and his doctor wife were in Italy, the pope administered communion to him regardless of the bishops decision. Does make the church look even worse than they are or what?? Absolutely!! Who’s team is Franny anyway?? I guess that all depends on were these dead presidents lay.

There are three types of recognized sins; a venial, mortal, and sacrilege. Then we have the political sins which are more egregious then the other three forementioned. It is very far and few in between that we can find a politician that is dedicated to what he or she was voted into office, to serve and protect citizens of United States with honesty and integrity. The vast majority of them will say and do anything necessary, regardless of how unethical it may be to get elected into office. Once they have closed that door, their lies and deceptions only seem to magnify.

It would be very interesting to see; if Nasty took a trip to Rome and wanted to receive communion from the Pope, if Franny would accommodate her. Don’t take any bets on it.

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