A Slip of the lip or unfit to speak ….

Why Arabs aren’t laughing at George W. Bush’s gaffe on Ukraine and Iraq

Speaking from the lectern at the Southern Methodist University in Texas on Wednesday, Bush railed against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s autocratic rule and the impunity that enabled “the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.”

“– I mean, of Ukraine,” he quickly corrected himself as the audience erupted in laughter. “I’m 75,” he added, blaming, in jest, his age for the slip of the tongue.

I can relate to that, but one would think anyone who charges the outrageous fees that GWB does, he would get his facts straightened out before he steps up the the pulpit.

I really do not have a problem with anyone making a little side money. What GWB is making, approximately 175 to 200,000.00$ per speaking engagement can be considered a hefty sum. I say more power to him with the exception of who is speaking to.

A few years ago GWB was asked to speak at a wounded veterans affair. Being the kind hearted and compassionate person he is, he demanded 200 grand for the speaking engagement and a private jet to transport him to the speaking engagement and back home. What a patriot!!

The way I see it, I consider it blood money. The wounded and disabled veterans he was being paid handsomely to speak to are the people that he and his president Dick Cheney (we know who really ran the show) were responsible for their are injuries and disabilities.

I would consider it a big kick in the nuts to charge an outrageous speaking fee to people that I was responsible for their critical circumstances. How does he explain this one??

Gotta Get the facts straight George or retire from the circuit. By all means, if you are ever asked to speak at another vets function, to show your appreciation in gratitude to them, do it pro bono and show a little style.

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