Human buffet ……

At least 135 teachers, aides charged with child sex crimes this year alone

102 of the cases, or 76%, involved alleged sex crimes against students

Accessibility is primary reason these degenerates get involved in teaching and other activities where there are multitude of kids under their supervision or there for the picking. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, athletic directors, coaches, team doctors, priests, any occupation that involves groups of kids who are magnets for these degenerates.

The only way to keep these scumbags away from the kids is to vet them properly before they are hired. BUTTTTT in many cases, the veters are more degenerate then the job applicants.

Sick ass world we live in. Possibly stiffer prison sentence or punishments MAY be somewhat of a deterrent, BUTTTT that is not a guarantee. The fools there are running this country don’t want to see the poor-innocent-criminal- misunderstood even be arrested for their crimes.

I always ask this easy question. What the hell does society do with some deranged, Mad Dogs that get out of control and are too far gone to rehabilitate?? We put them out of their misery for the the protect of society.


Get the wolf before the wolf gets you

There are solutions too many of the problems that plague society today, BUTTTT all too often the ever weakening society we have built and are helping it to destroy us does not have the backbone to do what’s necessary.

I can name a few politicians and other heavy hitters who should have their names on the goodnight Irene removal list.

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